@ AWID Forum 2016 : Digital Security as feminist practice

Join us on 8 September 14:30 – 16:00 at the WHRD Hub at Premium – Semente de Cacu 1-3

Digital Security as feminist practice : Women Human Rights defenders : securing our digital tools and spaces for Holistic protection

The internet is a transformative public and political space for Women Human Rights Defenders, which we use for our movement-building and activism, to support rights agendas, to tell our stories and for social, cultural political and economic participation. Digital tools connect, mobilise, advocate and bring worlds together in quick and responsive ways.

Women Human Rights Defenders face digital threats which undermines our right to communicate and which disrupts our freedom of speech, expression and assembly. Online misogyny is part of a continuum of violence against women and is harmful, real and wide-spread. Hacking of emails, attacks on social media and digital surveillance by state and non-state forces can manifest in our physical spaces. Surveillance by default is the tool of patriarchy to control and restrict rights both online and offline.

It is important for our well-being and our safety to be aware of strategies and tools to confront and counter online violence. As feminist activists, we can share ways of learning how to secure ourselves and therefore others, through strategies, tactics and tools and to support each other in imagining a safe, open and feminist internet.

This workshop will collaboratively raise and explore these violations and respond to the needs and experiences of WHRDs through raising awareness and skills in countering these through digital security strategies.


Using an inclusive and interactive methodology, you will hear from Women Human Rights Defenders from different regions who have encountered digital threats and what strategies and tools they have used to counter these. A World Cafe-style format will give participants the opportunity to engage with each other and share experiences, questions, statements and thoughts. Plenary will offer a space to listen to each other. Facilitators will capture questions and concerns which can be taken into the AWID Forum for deeper engagement.

Linked to this workshop and during the AWID Forum, there will be a space in the WHRD Hub where mini-workshops will be held to learn more about Holistic security practices. They cover:

- Deepening and Experiencing First Steps into Holistic Security for WHRDs
- Deepening and Experiencing First Steps into Holistic Security for WHRD Organisations
- Deepening and Experiencing First Steps into Holistic Security for Human Rights Security & Protection Trainers

This workshop is convened by the Women Human Rights Defenders International Coalition (WHRDIC) and facilitated by WHRDIC members, the Association for Progressive Communications and Front Line Defenders. We are joined by digital rights activists and a HIVOS Digital Defenders Partnership fellow.

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