Update: Leyla Yunus situation worsens

Leyla Yunus’ daughter has updated the WHRDIC on her mother’s situation:

I have a horrifying news to share.

In February, my mum was told that if she does not sign the confession in treason, then my dad will suffer… they will torture him.

In the period of first three months of her pretrial detention, my mum was continuously exposed to beatings by her cellmates — many times in custody criminals — who were ordered by the authorities of Baku Investigative Detention Facility Kurdakhany to beat and repeatedly attack on my mum. My mum was also beaten by the prison major – Major F. Yaqubov. UN representatives, the mission that was visiting Kurdakhany prison saw my mum’s bruises.

On December 11, 2014, 6-8 prison workers entered my mum’s cell, dragged my mum out of her bed by her feet, pulled her out from the cell, and pushed her through cold prison corridor barefoot and then threw her inside punishment ward. Why? No, explanation was given.

My mum has been repeatedly put into punishment ward.

Humiliations and mockery with the help of criminals and prison guard. Criminals are threatening my mum with new beatings and attacks, because of her “treason” charge. And the prison guard — only men — are usually present in the process of undressing, when my mum is undergoing medical checkups, simultaneously they humiliate my mum.

Humiliations are constant. During the visit of German doctor, Doctor Rauf Agayev called my mum enemy of Azerbaijan and insulted her.

Deprivation of sleep. During whole pre-trial detention period, there was not a single calm night, when my mum could sleep. First, there were criminals in my mum’s cell, who kept on attacking, threatening and insulting my mum. Now, there are drug users, suffering from their drug addiction, who are making a lot of noises during nights.

My mum has been deprived of her crucial diabetic medicine, and now she is repeatedly deprived of her full parcels, from where prison authorities are taking out the necessary diabetic food.

There is no investigation going on. But the concrete and direct threats by Prosecutor Office have already been sounded. In February, my mum was told that if she does not sign the confession in treason, then my dad will suffer…

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